Safety first. Always.

Norway has maintained low infection rates throughout the pandemic and was one of the first countries to restart film and series production in late April 2020.

Northern Norway, in particular, has reported very few cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic hit, with the exception of some local clusters occurring. Because of the low case count in Northern Norway, we are open for filming and scouting as long as national regulations for infection control, travel and entry quarantine are followed. 

From January 29, 2021, in order to limit the risk of transmitting the significantly more contagious mutants of the coronavirus, the Government of Norway imposed stricter rules on foreign nationals who seek entry to Norway. From March 1 these rules were tightened and further strongly tightened from March 29.

By May 28, 2021, foreigners`access to Norway are still sharply restricted.

Current status.

Norway’s quarantine regulations and infection control advice is continually updated as new information becomes available. The Norwegian Institute for Public Health publishes key data and statistics regarding spread of the virus. You can find their information and daily status updates here 

Quarantine exemptions.

Entry quarantine is currently required upon arrival in Norway from most foreign countries. 

Anyone arriving from "red" countries - where the 14-day notification rate is higher than 150 cases per 100 000 - must present a certificate for a negative COVID-19 PCR-test when they arrive in Norway. The test must be taken less than 24 hours before entry.

The Norwegian Institute for Public Health has an overview of currently exempt countries (and exempt regions in the Nordic countries). The list is updated fortnightly.

Work travels 

Separate rules apply for work travel within the Nordic and EEA/EU countries.

From October 31, 2020, work travellers from “red” countries - where the 14-day notification rate is higher than 150 cases per 100 000 - must go into 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Norway.

Please contact us for updates on current exemptions.

Travel information

Please consult The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration for a Q&A and overview of current guidelines, as well as the Norwegian Institute for Public Health for travel information and a list of countries that are exempt from quarantine.

For travels to Northern Norway, please contact Northern Norway Film Commission for further guidance.

Shooting guidelines.

VIRKE - the Norwegian Producers’ Association has published an English translation of Norway’s COVID-19 shooting guidelines, developed in partnership with the Film Workers Union. 

You can access these guidelines here

Other guidelines.

The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv), the largest trade organization for the hospitality sector in Norway, publishes industry norms for handling infection prevention measures at catering companies, hotels and accommodation providers. 

You can download these guidelines here.