Photo: Knut-Sverre Horn


1. Matchmaking

Northern Norway Film Commission can help you get in touch with potential regional co-producing partners, service production companies and other high-quality film professionals.

2. Financing opportunities

We can help you identify the different financing opportunities available for your production in Norway.

3. Location tours

In addition to providing reference images from locations that can match your projects needs, we can arrange location visits and help you get in touch with a location scout in the region. We also cooperate closely with the national Norwegian Film Commission and the other regional film commissions of Norway: Midgard Film Commission , Western Norway Film Commission , Eastern Norway Film Commission and Oslo Film Commission to host discretionary and tailored location and familiarization tours for potentially high impact projects.

Photo: Johan Moen/NordicStories Nord
Photo: Johan Moen/NordicStories Nord


Film permissions

Northern Norway Film Commission does not issue film permits, but we can provide advice and introductions to the relevant entities, and we assist with government and community relations for high-impact filming involving major closures of infrastructure, like roads or other public areas. Northern Norway is a film friendly region, and you will generally be met with willingness and a can-do attitude from local authorities.

The Freedom to Roam law - which is the general public's right to access wilderness and other public and privately owned land as codified in Norwegian law – applies, given that consideration to nature is taken.

A code of cultural sensitivity applies towards all the local people, communities and cultures in our region.

Permits are not required for minimal-impact shoots in public areas and on uncultivated land. Norway does not have a film ordinance, meaning you do not have to register with or provide information to any government entity. However, other permitting processes might be required depending on the impact of the shoot, such as closing off public areas, road closures, traffic management and motorized transport on uncultivated land.

Please note that national parks and nature reserves require a special permit for drone operations. Seasonal restrictions on human activity in certain areas due to the need to protect wildlife or specific environmental conditions during certain times of the year may also apply for filming.

In Svalbard, in particular, there are various seasonal and other restrictions regarding human activity that apply in national parks, nature reserves and other areas. Special permits are therefore required for filming. For further information about filming in Svalbard, please get in touch.

We recommend you engage a locally-based production or location professional to assist with permit applications to relevant authorities, such as the municipality, port authorities, police, road administration, national parks and so forth.

Location professional/Co-producer/line producer

Northern Norway Film Commission can introduce you to potential experienced location/production professionals as well as co-producers and service producers.

Please get in touch to discuss your project.